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Medieval Days Banner

Medieval Days Banner

Medieval Days is  supplier for history workshops.  The owner, Peter Balanck, has been visiting schools for over 6 years and provides workshops covering Roman, Saxon, Viking, Medieval, Tudor and Stuart periods of English history

A feature of all Medieval Days workshops is the massive quantity of resources that Peter brings with him to the school, all of which can be handles by the children.  You can expect to see helmets , swords, medieval and period armour, and a longbow with hand made arrows.  The pupils can dress up in period clothes, spin wool, create artwork with old carvings, play with historical toys and every child strikes a hammered coin using the original coin dies and blanks. They keep their coin to take home!

More information is available on the individual websites:

For Roman Visits go to http://schoolromanvisit.co.uk
For Saxon/Viking Visits go to http://schoolvikingvisit.co.uk
For Medieval Visits go to http://medievaldays.com
and for Tudor and Stuart Visits http://schooltudorvisit.co.uk

Medieval artefacts

Medieval artefacts

A new addition to the service provided by Medieval Days is workshops featuring World War II.

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