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Facts about UK Primary Schools

The United Nation Millennium Development Goal 2 aimed at ensuring universal primary education by 2015. As a member of the United Nations, UK has therefore been ensuring that all its primary education institutions have the same curriculum in order to ensure that the Millennium Development Goal 2 achieves its target in the country. Thus, primary schools in the UK have been associated with some facts which are common and similar in all of them. Here are some of the facts about UK primary schools;

Facts About UK Primary Schools that you Need to Know

a) Age of the Scholars

In the UK, the primary school children are always in the brackets of 4 to 15 years of age. Previously when primary education was not easily provided to all the children in the country, there were cases of some children joining the school at a late older age. However, after some few years, especially after Millennium, primary education became a necessity for every child from the age of 4 to 15 years. Thus, all children who are in that age are entitled to an education in primary schools. Children join primary schools for elementary and numeracy skills before they can join the secondary schools at a later age.

b) Excellent Reputation

Primary schools in the UK have a reputation for high standards of teaching and learning. Since they are funded and controlled by the local government, the primary schools are always geared to providing the best for the pupils and the country too. This is one of the popular facts about UK primary schools. They are also known as state schools and they link learners with different educational services such as scholarships through HMC projects and other projects. This makes the learners benefit a lot and has a hope for further education.

c) Registration and Absenteeism

In the UK, school attendance is very crucial. Every morning, a teacher must take an attendance register and report it to the school office. The data collected in stored and eventually used for statistics which are important even at the nationwide level. The statistics from the primary schools can be used to determine the normal causes for absenteeism among many learners.

d) School Meals

Most primary schools in the UK usually allow parents decide whether their children will be entitled to school meals or individually packed lunch. However, for the asylum seekers, job-seeking parents, and unemployed parents, their children are offered food and other allowances in school. Schools cook a variety of food types to cater for children’s favorites and also for healthy standards. The information about a parent is taken prior to the admission of a learner to a primary school.

e) School Uniform

Learners are entitled to be in uniform every time they are in school. Mostly, many primary schools guide the parents on the school uniform types needed on their individual school websites. From there, a parent can simply proceed to purchase the uniform for his/her child from the supermarket. Mostly, schools demand a comprehensive uniform set to cater for all weathers and for all school activities. This is meant to keep a child physically and physiologically healthy and safe from harsh weathers such as; hot sun or cold chilly weather.


There are quite a number of facts about UK primary schools. Primary schools in the UK usually operate in a similar way. However, many of these facts are associated with the well-being of the learners and for the family standards of the learners’ backgrounds.

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Pupils from Altruistic elementary school, Birmingham, dealt with a film team from the National University for School Leadership to reveal their desire to utilize their preferred innovations for discovering in institution.
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Primary School History Worshops

Medieval Days Banner

Medieval Days Banner

Medieval Days is  supplier for history workshops.  The owner, Peter Balanck, has been visiting schools for over 6 years and provides workshops covering Roman, Saxon, Viking, Medieval, Tudor and Stuart periods of English history

A feature of all Medieval Days workshops is the massive quantity of resources that Peter brings with him to the school, all of which can be handles by the children.  You can expect to see helmets , swords, medieval and period armour, and a longbow with hand made arrows.  The pupils can dress up in period clothes, spin wool, create artwork with old carvings, play with historical toys and every child strikes a hammered coin using the original coin dies and blanks. They keep their coin to take home!

More information is available on the individual websites:

For Roman Visits go to http://schoolromanvisit.co.uk
For Saxon/Viking Visits go to http://schoolvikingvisit.co.uk
For Medieval Visits go to http://medievaldays.com
and for Tudor and Stuart Visits http://schooltudorvisit.co.uk

Medieval artefacts

Medieval artefacts

A new addition to the service provided by Medieval Days is workshops featuring World War II.

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